Summertime…and the Packing Is Easy

By: Julie

We all have journeys that we take in life.  Some are better than others. Some repeat.  My favorite seasonal journey begins each Memorial Day Weekend.  My family — including my 103 year old grandmother — heads to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where now four generations of us have spent our summers.  There’s a moment on the trip when you crest the top of the five-mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge — with the Chesapeake Bay sprinkled with sailboats glistening in the sunlight far below the arc of the bridge — where you feel that you are leaving it all behind and entering into a familiar, blissful place — where the days are longer and life is easier.

You would think that after all these years of sojourning to Rehoboth for just a few days that I would have the perfect weekend bag of just what I need for some fun and relaxation.  No.  Not I.  Being locked in the mind and body of someone who is perpetually overdressed, always anticipating what occasion might arise (drinks on the beach, a night on the town, a casual porch dinner with friends….) and all sorts of weather patterns (very hot, unseasonably cold, perhaps stormy), I have spent years (ok, decades) overpacking.  So for the next few paragraphs, do as I say (or I suggest), not as I do.

To the beach, the lake, the mountains or the farm for Memorial Day weekend: try to keep it simple, mostly as your own salute to freedom from it all. Here is what I will endeavor to take this year:

One pair white pants or jeans (or blue jeans if you don’t do white) from Joe’s Jeans

A colorful tunic like TYSA’s peacock print and a camisole to go underneath, available at Julia Farr

2 pairs of shorts – one a little dressier, like the metallic cady cuff short from Alice + Olivia, available at Julia Farr 

And a more casual pair from J. Crew

2 good t-shirts – here are some ideas from J. Crew

A striped nautical-inspired top from LL Bean

A fun belt (R U Swanky)

An easy beach sweater like this one from White + Warren

A linen long-sleeved shirt – again J. Crew….white one for me but I do love the colors for others.

A pair of flip-flops (Havainas)

Gold Flat Sandals (Halston Heritage, available at Julia Farr)

A pair of strappy wedge sandals (see Ann’s 5/23 post)

And my exercise clothes -maybe a polar fleece for chillier mornings.

2 bathing suits and 2 cover ups (for beach goers) (see beach cover ups from Milly

and Wanderlust)

A fun dress….just in case (Susana Monaco

and Tibi)

Big hoop earrings (Banana Republic)

A straw hat (Helen Kaminski)

Remember to bring a few good magazines, the book on your bedside table (if light and breezy), your beach bag, big towel, sunglasses and sunscreen. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend wherever your journey takes you!


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  1. Jen

    What a great post! I have the opposite problem–I’m always underpacked–so I’m thrilled to be learning some of your secrets. I remember fondly coming with Eric to Rehoboth for your engagement party. I’m sure I wasn’t at all well packed!

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