From Stephanie, one of our readers:

Dear glamour girls,

While I’m delighted with your spot-on recommendations for all those gorgeous shoes, I would love some advice for those of us who are a bit challenged by the latest trends!  Big footed, tall and a frequent flier member of the Podiatrist’s office, I am looking for something a bit lower.  It’s too warm for Uggs now and the Merrill croc trend seems to have ended – what’s a “trying-not-to-be the Ugly Step-sister” type supposed to do?

Ann:  Stephanie, I’m so glad you asked about cute summer flats.  While searching for the perfect summer heel, I rediscovered one of my former shoe designer favorites. 

In the summer ‘82, I purchased a pair of  Bernardo Miami thong sandals in white nappa.  At the time, I had no idea that Bernardo had been a darling of the jet set in the 60s, I just knew the sandals looked cute with my Brooks Brother’s madras Bermuda shorts.

Bernardo, founded in 1946 by Bernard Rudofsky, reached their zenith in the 60s and 70s when they were worn by style icons like Jackie Kennedy.  Bernardo has reinvigorated their line by reissuing an exclusive collection of vintage styles, hand-crafted in Italy.  From the Vintage Couture line, I adore the Jingle Bells Sandal (described as “music for your feet”, although the bells don’t actually ring).

The marvelous Pucci Sandal was designed for Emilio Pucci in the 60s.  I can envision it with a colorful Pucci dress (of course), on the beach, in Positano.

The Vintage Couture line is only available in limited quantities, so shop now. 

The Bernardo Icons collection comprises their longtime, best-selling designs, including the Milly, the Matrix and, of course, the Miami. 

The Milly sandal is perfect in its barely there simplicity and would look great with any of Ralph Lauren’s current western-wear looks, or the maxi dress which will be everywhere this summer.

Same goes for the Matrix sandal, but in cork, it’s a more modern look.

Finally, the groovy turquoise in the Bernardo Mosaic makes it the ideal sandal to wear with any of the current Boho styles.


Stephanie, any one of these styles will treat your feet with tender loving care, and keep you out of the ugly step-sister club.

For me, I think I’ll revert back to the tried-and-true Miami, but this time, in bronze.  

They’ll still look good with my madras shorts.

All shoes are available at




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4 responses to “Bernardo

  1. anonymous

    I will always love the Milly. they make your feet look sexy because they are barely there.

  2. Ann


    I totally agree! I love naked feet! Summertime, wintertime, all the time. Definately the subject of a future post.

  3. Thanks for such a great write-up of Bernardo styles!

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