Color Symbolism

By:  Ann

In upcoming posts, we’re going to talk about one of summer’s biggest trends – COLOR! 

Color makes up a huge part of my wardrobe.  Not only do I wear color, but I live within color, since my attraction to color spills over into my home décor.  I don’t have any red walls, but colorful Orientals are strewn throughout our home, and the focal point in the living room is two red, velvet chairs, accented by green pillows and French chairs covered in purple silk.

Color has always been present in my wardrobe, but my desire to wear certain colors has changed over the years.  So, I became curious, why are we attracted to certain colors? 

At the moment, my favorite colors are purple and green, especially together.  Green, of course, represents nature.  It’s considered a soothing color and offers a sense of renewal.  Green is also associated with institutions such as hospitals and government buildings.  Yuck, I don’t like those greens.  I know my Irish roots are at work here too, rooted in the ancient Celtic enchantment with land.

Whereas green is the most pervasive color in the natural world, the color purple is rarely found in nature.  Purple embodies the balance (and the contrast?) of red’s vibrancy and blue’s calm.  Purple is often associated with royalty, as well as the Catholic Church (oops, my roots are showing again).  Purple is often loved by creative, or eccentric ,types.   Whereas purple is linked to the crown chakra, the nervous system and the brain, green is the color of the heart chakra, a place which represents a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.     

My quick color analysis perfectly illustrates the dichotomy of my Gemini personality.  Thank goodness my practical Irish heritage (green) pulls me back to earth from the otherworldly realm of purple spirituality.

Take a moment, and think about one or two of your favorite colors.  Then, go to one of these websites to investigate the symbolism of colors in your own life:   Sensational Color and Color Wheel  Try it, it’s fun.  Let us know what you discover about yourself.

Coming up:  Julie’s color analysis!



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2 responses to “Color Symbolism

  1. Mary Pat

    Color must be in our blood because I love it, too, especially purple & green (remember the wedding?). Your purple chair is fabulous. I’m enjoying your blog!

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