More Color Symbolism

By:  Julie

Where Ann’s color spectrum of jewel tones begins to fade, my attraction to every shade that is tranquil picks up.  In wardrobe, think “the new nudes”.

In nature, think the beach.

In home surroundings, think Diane Keaton’s house in that fabulous movie with Jack Nicholson, Something’s Gotta Give.

I loved that house.

My awareness of color has been an interesting realization and evolution.  In my twenties, my home was a tribute to Benjamin Moore’s shades of taupe with deep reds abounding.  My thirties: I hung onto the reds and added yellows, greens, black and white.  Every room in my house was a statement.  I loved colorful patterns on material and textured walls.

Now the forties:  If I could spend my days surrounded with sea glass greens and blues with shades of white and hints of sand colored accents for warmth, that would be my nirvana.  Oh – that’s how I do spend my days! Yes, once I realized that I needed cool, calm colors to paint my world, I created a space that is as visually pleasing to MY eye as I could ever imagine.

My home still yells out in red accents and I’d like to tell it to be quiet.  But home transformation is a process so I think I will be well into my fifties before I have accomplished Diane Keaton’s fictional world.

I took Ann’s suggestion and read about my choice in colors.  Apparently, the muted blues and greens that I find myself gravitating to mean healing, tranquility, understanding and safety.  That makes more sense than I can begin to tell you. The sand, bronze and gold shades that I just love, as well, denote prestige, illumination, wisdom and high quality.  They’ve got me there, too!

Although I color washed my world in pale tones, I try to step into a little more color in my wardrobe than ever before. However, I usually only allow my jewelry and accessories to express themselves in bursts of color and keep the clothing as a backdrop in neutral tones.  That’s as far as I can stray from my tranquil safety zone.

Images: top photo: J. Crew.  Middle photo: Warner Brothers.


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One response to “More Color Symbolism

  1. Michele

    Love the new blog!! I’m with Julie on the colors and we definitely change (or refine) our color preferences as we live life. I’ll forever be a “work in progress!” Thank you Julie and Ann for helping me make my way…

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