Style Me – Colored Jeans


I’m going to let you go alone on your colored jean journey, wearing my summer neutrals as you depart in your pink jeans. But before you go, here are some suggestions on how to get the ultimate chic out of this look:

Keep the rest of the look neutral (forget what I said last week about color-blocking). For summer, I would go with a shade of white for a top and a stone, tan, pale gold or even a luggage shade of brown for the shoes. You could wear ballet flats or those high espadrilles you love.

As the jeans are TRES fitted, a looser fitting top is always going to promote the best you. I would suggest a bateau neck tee, a tunic or that linen shirt from J. Crew that mentioned a few weeks ago (in white).

For a fun twist on the look, tightly roll the bottom of your jeans up 2-3 inches. This is just to look cool and suggest to others that you know exactly what you are doing. If you want to elongate your legs, keep them at your ankle.

For a preppy look, go with a cardigan and ballet flats.

For a city look, go with pumps and a blazer.

Keep the rest simple: no big jewelry and keep your bag streamlined and one color.

For those who may not be up for heading out in fuchsia on their bottom halves, ease into this trend with subtler versions like dark olive green or cobalt blue (a lead color for Fall 2011).

And send a photograph of you wearing the jeans, Ann! The rest of us need to see where the journey takes you.



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