Gems and Baubles

Ok, ok, ok. I know that I’ve pushed my limit on the color thing. But, just one more…

Jewelry designer Susan Gordon not only draws inspiration for her collection of fine jewelry from the colors, architecture and landscape of Rajasthan, she actually fabricates her pieces in Jaipur, India. Her confetti necklace and earrings of Tourmaline, Amethyst, Peridot, fire Opal, Tsavorite, and Citrine, set in 22k gold, are the perfect splash of color on a balmy, summer evening.

Kara Ross’ fuchsia resin pillow necklace on a gold choker provides a dramatic pop of color.

And Sissy Yates’ delicate, colored beads with gold discs are just the right touch with a sundress.

With all the hype this season focused on 70s styles, like maxi dresses and platform shoes, I was pleasantly surprised to see the groovy decade’s influence on jewelry.

I love the look of hippie turquoise jewelry showcased in gold, like this simple pendant necklace from Ten Thousand Things.

Paul Morelli amps up the drama with his layered necklaces and native American-inspired earrings.

There is something about setting turquoise in gold, not traditional silver, that adds a modern touch to the gem, while also evoking a reference to the glittery disco decade.

Images: Susan Gordon, Kara Roos and Sissy Yates necklaces are available at Julia Farr, Elle, April , 2011, Paul Morelli.


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