Sunshine Daydream

I went to my first Grateful Dead show in the spring of 1986 in Roanoke, Virginia.  As I entered the smoke-filled arena, pulsating with the brilliant sounds of Jerry’s guitar, I noticed a group of Deadheads spinning wildly, or twirling.  They were caught up in the ecstasy of the music and the magical improvisation of the show (and maybe a few other things). 

Those twirling deadheads embodied the innocent era of the early hippies, with their long hair and their flowing dresses.   

Although Jerry’s gone, it’s time to twirl again, because the maxi is back.

I love this trend, but for a woman of my short stature, I have to be careful not to wear a maxi with a full skirt.  That’s why I love this style from Velvet:

The slender fit and lean lines of this skirt keep me from looking like Laura Ingalls.

Splendid’s tie-dye maxi skirt has some pleats, but not too much to overwhelm. 

For a bit dressier look, I like Elizabeth and James summer skirt in silk.

Diane Von Furstenburg’s fluid, silk wrap dress has long lines too, with a criss-cross back.  The tie at the waist keeps the look defined, rather than looking like a nightgown.  

I plan to wear a Tibi maxi dress (from last year) to a wedding in Aspen next weekend.  It has a fitted bodice, like Tibi’s current Isabella maxi:

I know it has a full skirt, but I have a feeling we’ll be twirling.

Images above:  Happy Deadhead;, Velvet Skirt from Anthropologie – $88; Splendid Skirt from Nordstrom – $98; Elizabeth and James Summer Silk Skirt from Bloomingdales – $325, Diane von Furstenburg Samson Dress from Nordstrom – $485, Tibi Isabella Maxi – $484



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4 responses to “Sunshine Daydream

  1. juliafarr

    I love the connection between Twirlers and Maxi dresses! For the first time in ages, I just got to drive all by myself (sans kids & dog) to Rehoboth Beach from DC. As I crested the Bay Bridge I was singing the Grateful Dead’s “Ramble on Rose” at the top of my lungs! This is really what summer’s all about. I’ve got my beautiful new gold Maxi dress from Julia Farr just waiting to come out of the closet & start twirling! So lets all turn up the tunes, put on something that makes us feel pretty & remember that we are “song that the morning brings”! Happy Summer!

  2. Jessica Kerrigan

    Have resisted the maxi dress because I’m both short and curvy. You almost have me sold though, if you can tell me where I can find a knockoff of the DVF above.

  3. Dana

    Does Julia Farr carry all of these?

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