Wardrobe Essential- The Blazer

By Julie:


This is part 1 of a 3,000-part post I’ll be writing periodically on THE BLAZER.  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE a great blazer. I do.  And let me tell you why.  A well-fitting blazer is the answer to any wardrobe question.  It gives structure, polish, and sophistication to any basic look.

Blazers look great just hanging in your closet. They are they like a good friend: uncomplicated, ready to go out anytime and there to make you look good.

A blazer gives you definition.   The construction itself is an inspiration: structured shoulders with a subtle nod to the smaller waist.  Blazers are forgiving yet empowering.  Some add coverage, some don’t. That’s the beauty of having more than one blazer — but that is another post.

Favorite summer blazer hands-down has been the one-button white or stone linen blazer from Alice+Olivia, available at Julia Farr.

It is so chic and so uncomplicated all at the same time.  Throw it on top of a sheath, jeans, tailored shorts, linen full pants.

And great style moment of the week was when Editor-in Chief of DC’s Capitol File magazine, Kate Bennett — who is cool with a capital “C” — stopped in my boutique one afternoon. White linen blazer, white tank, boyfriend jeans rolled-up to the ankle and classic Gucci pumps.  Bam!  She was summer chic walking through the door.

I love a good blazer.


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