I”m so proud, thrilled, happy and pleased for you!  To be named Best in Washington, by the Washingtonian Magazine?  Fabulous!

And you made the cover!  I love the typically self-deprecating way you pointed out to me that you appear right next to the hamburger.

I know how hard you’ve worked to make your beautiful boutique, Julia Farr, a fashion haven for the women of Washington.  And, you’ve done it all in less than a year.  A true tribute to your incredible talents and work ethic.

Congratulations, my friend.  I’m doing my happy dance right now, in your honor.

You can read the article here.

Image: Washingtonian



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3 responses to “Congratulations!

  1. Way to go!! Well deserved. Great store. Great advice. Great fashion. And increasingly recognized as such.

  2. Amy

    Wow! Congratulations, Julie! And to think I personally know someone who knows you!

  3. kelly

    congratulations, JF 🙂 such a success!

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