Easy Summer Dresses


It’s 115 degrees EVERYWHERE!  We all need to walk a bit more slowly, and move to the rhythm of the cicadas.  It’s the perfect time for easy, summer dresses.  

I think every woman should have at least one summer dress in her closet that she can throw on at a moment’s notice.  These aren’t dresses you wear to work, but dresses that work for you when other things (frizzy hair, bleeding mascara) are not.

This dress from White and Warren has a relaxed cut in easy-to-care-for MicroModal, which will stay wrinkle free on steamy days.  Added bonus:  the relaxed fit will be kind to you after weeks of daily ice cream cones.

White and Warren Double Layer Maxi Dress ($75)

The Quinn dress ($68), from Prana, is also made of an easy-to-care-for recycled polyester that is oh-so-comfy.  The added bonus in this dress:  built-in bra. 

Finally, the short sleeve scoop neck dress from Three Dots ($71 at Zappos) is a no-brainer in lightweight cotton.  It comes in a variety of bright colors, including Pink Punch, shown here.

Throw this on with a pair of strappy espadrilles and pearls and you are ready for brunch or cocktails al fresco.

Here is my secret about keeping a few “throw on” dresses stocked in your closet:  you can run out of the house with dirty hair and no make up, but if you have on a dress, people will say, “You look so nice!”  Let them think you have grand dinner plans, they don’t have to know you’re on your way to Target to buy more popsicles.

Images:  White + Warren, Prana, Zappos

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