Work It Out


You know how much I love to exercise.  At least five times per week, I’m running, biking, swimming, boxing, or doing pilates.  It’s my stress relief.  


You would think with all the time I spend devoted to exercise, I would have great work out clothes.  Even though they are the hardest working clothes in my closet, they are always the lowest on my list of new purchase priorities, and it shows.  I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I’m heading out the door to run with the dog, and think, “Uh-oh, I look like I’m dressed to clean out the basement.”

It’s time to clean up my workout look, from top to bottom.

I love all Prana products, in particular, their sport tops and tanks.  The Quinn ($48) is a perennial bestseller.

 The fabric feels like cotton, but it’s some type of high-tech, moisture-wicking material.   Although Prana products are geared primarily for yoga, they are so well made, I use them for all my sporting activities. 

I stick with the basics when it comes to running bras.  I don’t need anything too technical, just something that is going to keep the girls in place.  The Champion Seamless fashion cami, available at Target ($16.99), is my favorite sports bra. 

The thin straps aren’t too confining, it’s made of a breathable material and the price is right.

I love everything about Patagonia: commitment to their product, environmental mission and the high quality and technical aspect of their goods.  They can be pricey (I sometimes refer to them as Pata-Gucci)  The Capilene Silkweight t-shirt is the perfect base layer, and will work in a variety of temperatures.  It provides comfort, moisture-management and 50+ UPF sun protection.  Best of all, it’s on sale for $20.30 at Patagonia

I also like all the pretty colors.

When it comes to bottoms, I look for simple, low-priced workhorses. 

(n.b. you will not a photo anywhere in this post of the ubiquitous Nike Tempo shorts.  You know the style I’m talking about. They are everywhere, especially on teenage girls.  I know they have a great fit and are available in lots of wonderful colors, but I will not succumb to peer pressure.)

For long and capri-length  pants, I love the yoga products from Old Navy.  The Fold-Over Yoga pants ($17.50) sit low on the waist, with a forgiving, wide waistband. The long pants fit snug through the hips and thigh with a nice flare at the bottom.   

I’m pretty boring when it comes to bottoms.  I like a simple black short, sometimes fitted, sometimes not-depends on what sporting activity I’m engaged in.  Adidas makes a nice all-around short, the Archetype Short.  With a 4-inch inseam, it’s not too long for running, not too short for pilates.   I also like the wide waistband, so it doesn’t cut into your tummy.

Adidas Shorts ($50)

It’s still so hot here, I’ve lost my exercise mojo.  But, maybe if I have something new to wear, I’ll get it back.




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4 responses to “Work It Out

  1. Katie

    Thanks for the heads up on the Patagonia shirts! I just ordered several in really fun colors. These will replace the ratty race t-shirts that really show their age with the date silkscreened on them!

  2. Kimberly

    Training for the 1/2 in Scottsdale this past January inspired me to make sure I had the girls not only secured (nothing quite as disarming as seeing a woman getting beat up by her own ladies as she runs down the street) but that the fabric around the ribs is also moisture wicking. Lulu makes a great selection of bras that keep the chafe at bay.

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