Lady Bags

Julie, before I start my post today, I just want to say how much I enjoyed reading about your first year in business.  Tyler and I were there for so many of the important moments, but it was a treat to read in more detail about Julia Farr’s inaugural year.   It is so typically “you” to give so much credit to all the people who were there with you to launch your boutique, but, and I’m sure I speak for all those who were involved, there is no one I’d rather partner with than someone like you, with your extraordinary creative talents and generous spirit.  Cheers to year two!

Now, on to the business at hand…

The title of today’s post might be misleading, but there is nothing salacious here.  The lady bags I’m talking about are handbags.  In particular, a lady-like purse with a small handle.  This is not the type of handbag that you shove your iPad into.  It’s the type of bag that you carry in very feminine manner, handle draped over your forearm, or grasped with a manicured hand.  Like something Queen Elizabeth would carry at a polo match…


…or visiting a war memorial…

…or while reviewing the troops.

Although the Queen seems to prefer black, I love the Kate Spade Carlyle Nadine Crossbody bag in python.  It has the ladylike handles, but also a 16 inch shoulder strap for those days when you have your hands full.  

Kate Spade Carlyle Nadine $895

The python print is part of the BIG “skin” trend for fall.  I like to follow these trends with an accessory, it’s a more accessible way to embrace something so dramatic.  I doubt the Queen will embrace the python print this fall, though.

Although this Fendi peek-a-boo tote is way out of my price range ($2,690 from Neiman Marcus), it is just too delicious to ignore. 

I love the signature Zucca print peeking out from the interior.  The buttery tan leather is luxurious.

I’ll bet the Queen would carry this one, if only it wasn’t Italian made.

J. Crew offer a more reasonably priced bag.  The Edie purse, at $238, has clean, structured lines and vintage-looking brass hardware. 

Finally, no one does leather goods quite a well as Gucci.  Even though I know it’s somewhat passe to show off your labels, I love this classic handbag with its signature red and green stripes.

The Boston Bag, from Gucci, available at Saks ($995)

And, as a shout out to the “Everything Old is New Again…” here is a photo of the Gucci bag that I own, purchased in 1984:

I bought it at Saks, with money saved from my job at the Polo Shop.  I had NEVER spent so much money on a purse before in my life…it cost $125.

I can’t wait to break it out again for fall. I think it’s time for a manicure.



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  1. Jessica K.

    Wouldn’t you just love to know the contents of Queen Elizabeth’s handbag? I bet there are peppermints…

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