It’s Clutch


something struck me when I wrote about lady bags on Monday:

What the Lady Bag is to Queen Elizabeth, the clutch is to Princess Catherine (the former Kate Middleton, in case you didn’t recognize her).

Kate grips her handbag like it holds the keys to the palace (oops, it probably does).

I have never been a big fan of a clutch handbag.  It just doesn’t seem that practical, since you have to hold it in your hands all the time.  I can understand why Princess Catherine would embrace the look.  It is the perfect answer for what to do with your hands when you are arriving in North America for the first time…

…or when you are meeting the President of the United States and the First Lady…

So, although I’m partial to the Lady Bag, I have no doubt that, due to her extraordinary popularity and influence on fashion, we will see clutch handbags everywhere this fall.  Just in case Kate is reading our blog, here are a few possible clutches for her to try out:

Diane von Furstenberg‘s Tonda Clutch ($375), shown here in saffron, has a structured box shape and ostrich print that I think makes it an ideal piece for either a polo match or a fundraising gala.  The gold twig clasp is a unique detail that would set you apart from other royalty.


Kate Middleton seems to prefer a bit longer version of the clutch than DVF’s version above.  Maybe she would like one of these from Kara Ross?



The Mia Cork Clutch (above, on sale at Julia Farr for $367) would be perfect for a casual daytime lunch with Pippa.

The Princess doesn’t shy away from color or trends, so perhaps she would go for Kara Ross’s Prunella clutch in python?




Prunella Disco Python Clutch is on sale for $546 at Julia Farr

The Duchess of Cambridge is loyal to British designers, so she might want to try a clutch from the hip British Top Shop, like the gold metal Shell Bag.



After all, the world is her oyster.


Images: Diane von Furstenberg, Julia Farr, Top Shop


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