She’s A Lady


I know we’ll both be talking in much more detail about the big trend for fall:  ladylike dressing.  What could be more refined and feminine than the classic cardigan?  And, why not get one from the company that invented the twinset – Pringle of Scotland.

The Argyle Intarsia Cardigan is a luxurious blend of silk and cashmere.  The hot pink and purple, as well as the slightly skewed argyle pattern, give it a modern, rather than a dowdy, look.  The high ribbed trim around the waistline will enhance an hourglass figure, giving you that sexy, Mad Men-ish feel.

Feeling the fall chill in the air yet?  Cover your shoulders with a classic cardigan, like this one from Lauren by Ralph Lauren (available at Bloomingdales, $118.30).

The ruffled accent down the front is made of raw-edged chiffon, but the color and the clean lines ensure the look is more sophisticate than girly.

Lily Pulitzer always does the lady look well, as shown here with her spare cotton cardigan in navy.

Lily Pulitzer Clara Cardigan in True Navy, available at Bloomingdales ($98)

Any one of these options would pair beautifully with either the structured lady bag or a simple clutch.  I think both the Queen and the Princess would approve. 


Images: Pringle, Bloomingdales.

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