Lady Dresses by Rachel Roy

Pre- Fall 2011 China Blue Ruched Dress by Rachel Roy


I have loved reading about the ladylike Fall 2011 trends you’ve been previewing in the past two weeks: handbags, clutches and sweater sets for the regally chic.  Your last post on the thigh high certainly brought back some memories! You know the adhesive part that kept them in place?  I can remember many nights walking home from a cafe (or such) and too many blocks from my apartment that adhesive would give out. Completely. And one thigh high would be kicking around my ankle in the most un-chic way. I had the moment of decision whether to ignore it or lean against the first “Arretez” sign to re-glue or take off.  The reclining gals from Gucci in your last post made them look much more reliable!

To piggyback onto your dressing-like-a-lady-theme, I wanted to tell you about some of our favorite dress designs by Rachel Roy that would work perfectly with a Queen Elizabeth handbag or a Kate Middleton clutch. After having the boutique open for a few months, I realized I had a void in my collection for becoming, sophisticated day-to-evening dresses for, well, a lady: Dresses that could be worn in a professional setting as well as a social one. Dresses that fit well, went to the knee, and might even cover the arm.  I had read about Rachel Roy, who launched her feminine yet modern eponymous collection in 2005, and liked the fact that she designed her couture and signature collection in sizes 0-16.  By Spring 2011, I had some of her beautiful sheath dresses in my store and found they were just the thing for the lady scene.

Spring 2011

Her dresses make the most of a woman’s figure, I have found, accenting the positive and gracefully draping over the rest.  The china blue ruched dress pictured at top has been a big hit in my boutique as it brings in color and a beautiful fit to an elegant design. Here are few of Fall 2011 and Resort 2012 designs that I think are great:

And from Resort 2012

And, Ann, the length of Rachel Roy’s dresses are perfect to cover the top of your thigh high, should you re-embrace that trend.  Let me know how that goes….

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