The College Drop Off: What to Wear



Long subject line today!  But a hot wardrobe topic for all our friends and relatives who are taking their sons or daughters to college for their freshman year.  I’m not sure if you remember what your parents wore when they dropped you off at Georgetown in 1984. I just remember my father in his blue cadillac dropping me off the minute the dorm doors opened on move-in day.  He and my mother had to get to the beach for the weekend before they hit too much traffic.  (I was the fourth child.)  I imagine he wore a blue striped oxford shirt and khakis — but that’s what he wore and still wears most days.

Today, drop-off day entails more from the parents.  Not only is there car-packing and unpacking, heavy lifting to the dorm room and possible receptions on campus, but there are the summer-high temperatures and the cutting-the-umbilical-cord stress, as well.  My sister, Mary Joyce, has done the freshman drop-off once and is about to do it again in a week. She shared with me some good tips that I want to pass along with some suggestions on what to wear.

Light clothing is key.  After all, most places in the US will be still very hot during the next two weeks.   Comfort is the next component.  If you are like most, you are traveling by car and have a few hours of unpacking (visualize lifting boxes, heaving them through long hallways, and leaning to the ground to drop them) ahead of you.

Unless you’ve outsourced the heavy lifting, I’d avoid all those cute summer skirts and easy-breezy summer dresses we’ve been writing about.  And, there may be that parent reception in the afternoon or walk across campus where you meet other parents, deans and professors where you want to look a little more polished.  

Also note, as my sister instructed, that this moment is SO not about you, so you don’t want to stand out in anything that could draw attention away from the student to the parent.  Blending into the woodwork is the ticket.  Last, emotions are running high as the separation begins, so large Jackie O glasses will be your best friend.

Here are some minimalist looks that will serve all these purposes from some of our favorite designers at Julia Farr:

Long shorts, cropped light pants or lightweight jeans are your best bet.  I like Alice + Olivia’s bermuda’s and cropped khakis, as well as Lafayette 148’s Bleecker cropped pant in all the great neutral tones.  Joe’s Jeans has those great colored jeans we’ve talked about, and a fun, less-fitted boyfriend jean called “the bestfriend.”

From Alice + Olivia at Julia Farr:

From Lafayette 148 at Julia Farr:

From Joe’s Jeans at Julia Farr:

And for tops, start with a great fitted tee. We love the scoopneck from AT2 in white, black, dark grey and navy:

A few finishing touches.  To zip up your look a bit for a parent reception, add a cardigan or light cotton sweater.  White + Warren has great options on which you could even throw one of our favorite R U Swanky belts :


And for your feet, be sure to cover your toes with a ballet flat or driving loafer (after you throw the Nikes in the backseat post dorm room unpacking).  J. Crew offers you a host of fun colors and Sperry Topsider will give you the comfort you need  to cross campus:

Most important, you’ll need oversized sunglasses to cover up puffy eyes for the trip back home. 

The Jackie O by Ray Ban


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