What to Wear…Summer in Colorado


I got a little sad reading your What to Wear post from Friday, since it means that summer is almost over and school will start soon. 

I know you are enjoying a much-deserved vacation with your family at the beach this week.  We’ve just returned from our annual end-of-summer trip to Colorado.  It was a lovely, relaxing couple of weeks, spent with good friends and lots of family.  Colorado offers so many wonderful options to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  We had the opportunity to revisit some of our favorite activities, as well as try a few new ones.   I hope that you and your family will join us in the Rocky Mountains one day soon to share in the fun.  In preparation for that day, I thought I’d share some mountain fashion advice.

What to wear…when you go whitewater rafting:

Swimsuits, Tevas and quick-dry clothing.  You’re going to get wet.  Oh, and helmets during the Class IV rapids. The smiles are reflexive and unwavering throughout the trip.  This is so much fun.

What to wear…when you zipline across the Colorado River:

Long shorts, or pants, so the harness doesn’t cut into your legs.  Good shoes, for a soft landing on the platform.  I chose to wear colorful clothes, so they could spot me if I fell into the river.  The ever-stylish helmet.

What to wear…when you are riding a horse:

I wish I had my cowboy boots on, but I’d left them at home, so I was stuck with my good ol’ tennis shoes.  The most crucial element is a good pair of jeans, preferably ones that won’t ride up on you while you are riding.

What to wear…when you are shooting a shotgun:

A sturdy pair of shoes (again) and a steady hand.  I’m a terrible shot, by the way.  I close my eyes when I squeeze the trigger.  Thank goodness no one is relying on me to hunt their dinner, or defend them in battle.

What to wear…when you jump into an alpine lake:

Not much.  It’s cold in there, and you want to keep the rest of your clothes dry so you can layer up as soon as you get out.

As you can see, although we indulged in a multitude of activities, the sartorial needs in Colorado aren’t that extensive.  All you need is several essential layers, some quick dry clothing, and a good pair of multi-purpose shoes.

I know that you love to relax on the beach, lulled by the soothing sound of the waves pounding on the beach.  In Colorado, we relax to the soothing sound of the rushing of Gore Creek behind our house.

No dress code here.   Happy End-of-Summer!


No animals or teenagers were harmed during the making of this vacation. 



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3 responses to “What to Wear…Summer in Colorado

  1. Katie

    I love the disclaimer! Sounds like a great fun filled vacation!

  2. Mary Beth

    Looks like we had the same summer attire…however, I had my cowboys boots and hat AND belt. I think you need to take them always to CO as you just need to be a cowgirl while there. I need to go there more! WHite water rafting I found I need a piece of duct tape so the water doesnt drown me while I am screaming going thru the rapids. Enjoying you column! PS…I am addicted to skeet shooting and want to do more. You interested?

    • Ann

      MB, I am not kidding when I said I was a terrible shot. I don’t think any amount of practice skeet shooting will help my awful aim. I agree about the duct tape. I always swallow a ton of water. Next year I’ll remember my cowboy boots. But, I need to find a good hat.

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