Back to School


The penny loafer is back.   Not the sturdy, burgundy Bass Weejuns that we wore with our uniforms to St. Teresa’s and Stoneridge, but a more sleek, modern version.  

Tory Burch is calling it the essential shoe for fall.  She even displays the words “penny loafer” encapsulated in a heart on her home page.  She shows them dressed down with jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan, and dressed up with a flirty skirt, blouse, tights and a well-fitted blazer.  Although it’s available in conservative black or brown, I’m in love with the Tory red version. 

Tory Burch Penny Loafer ($250)

 Notice how she tucks her distinctive “T” in where the penny should be.

In my mind, penny loafers are usually paired with trousers, but J. Crew makes the simple shoe look so sophisticated and fresh by showing it with a maxi dress…


Even when they are worn with a short sweater dress, the look is still more lady than school girl.

Julie, I don’t think you’d be caught dead in a pair of penny loafers today.  You love your sky-high heels far too much.  Perhaps you would try this pair of “loafers” from Nine West:

Do you think the nuns would have let us wear these with our plaid skirts?  


Images: Tory Burch, J. Crew, Nine West


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