Hi-Lo, Hi-Lo


You know how much I love a good bargain.  All those years of scouring sample sales has ruined me for the full-price world.  So, I think one of most brilliant innovations in fashion in the past decade is partnerships between high-end designers and low-end department stores.  Haute couture for everyone! 

Missoni launches a low-priced line at Target on September 13.  I’ll be waiting when the doors open.  Missoni embodies all those things that I adore in fashion:  color, prints and sophisticated Italian design.


The brand, which began in 1953 when founders and then-newlyweds Ottavio and Rosita Missoni set up a small knitshop, is famous for its crocheted knits. 

I have always coveted a Missoni sweater.  They have all styles coming into Target: crew-neck, v-neck, long cardigans and capes.  Should I get a classic sweater dress and long cardigan?

…or a more trendy maxi skirt in warm browns?

…perhaps I could temper the maxi trend by getting it in classic black?

I love skirts, so I’ll have to get a mini-skirt too.

As you can see from the photos, the collection includes all kinds of accessories:  hats, scarves, gloves, handbags, tights and shoes.  It’s ridiculous how excited I am for this launch.

I’m also looking forward to Macy’s partnership with Karl Lagerfeld, designer at the fabled house of Chanel.  His line of womeswear arrives in stores on August 31. 

The collection will be a blend of refined dresses, airy tops, modern tweeds and his signature high-collared neck, priced on average from $50 to $170.

For all of us who can’t quite afford Chanel and Missoni, this fall, we can get a little pinch of Paris and Italy in our local shopping mall.

Jules, don’t let me go too crazy on the Missoni sweaters…


Images:  Top five are from Target, bottom two are from Macy’s.



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4 responses to “Hi-Lo, Hi-Lo

  1. Mary Beth

    Love that…I will be at Target too elbowing my way thru the crowd!. Thanks for the heads up

  2. Katie

    Love it! I went to the Missoni outlet in Italy and the pieces were still ridiculously priced and the Euro didn’t help. Target here I come!

  3. lisa

    I’ll be at the store when it opens! like Ann I have always coveted missoni knits. We’ll have to call each other the times we know we’ll be together to make sure we’re not wearing the same skirt.

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