Style Me Fall 2011: White

Fall 2011 Runway Shows


Labor Day is just around the corner, which means, no more white, right?  But, I’ve seen all kinds of whites for fall and winter.  And, not just “winter white” but true, bright whites.  Also, it seems that white jeans have become a year-round staple.

Is my grandmother’s rule of “No white after Labor Day” still true?  I’m so confused!  Help!


Dear Ann,

You are a great friend — thanks for the Hurricane Irene cocktail recipe!  We weren’t hit very hard in DC, thank goodness, and now I have a pantry full of supplies to get my family through the next attack by Mother Nature.  On another glass-is -half-full view, I did have time to scour my Vogue, New Yorker and In Style and can report back on more Fall 2011 trends, including one dominant hue for the coming season: WHITE.  I’m a huge rule follower myself and never broke the white-after-Labor Day edict until just a few years ago.  Like many suggested rules in life, if they are no longer applicable, it’s time to let go of them and move on.  Making white part of  your year-round wardrobe is a fabulous example. The whites of summer — jeans, pants, ruffly skirts and wispy dresses in cottons, linens and light silks  — are the pieces to pack away for now, as the weather begins to turn.  And your bright white cotton cropped jeans and pants can go to the cedar closet, as well.

However, the whites of winter in heavier fabrications — all over the Fall 2011 runways last February — are a whole other take on the “color”.

Chado Ralph Rucci and Milly celebrate winter white in its many forms

And chunky knits from Isabel Marant for the casual-luxe look

White in daylight-deprived months evokes a certain elegance and an I-don’t-ride-the-subway and have-very-small-children kind of vibe.  Different shades of white are a little easier against many skintones than our go-to-black and can be worn head-to-toe bringing the look back to nudes and camel for shoes or striking a sharp contrast against black for leggings/tights and boots.  I personally love every take on white in my wardrobe regardless of the season.

Perhaps you’re now saying — ‘but Julie — how about pants? – can I wear white-white pants in the dead of winter?‘.  And the answer of course is, it depends.  Your white-white jeans may not span the seasons in colder-regions but dressier white pant options will be perfect throughout.  Take a page from the collections of Alice+Olivia and Halston Heritage.  The shiny white satin option for Alice+Olivia is perfect for holiday events and spring evenings while the winter white from Halston Heritage can be worn the minute the thermometer drops to 60 degrees fahrenheit or below.

Add a silk top to these Alice+Olivia pants (available at Julia Farr for $295) and platform pumps to complete the evening look.

High waisted full legged pants from Halston Heritage (available at Julia Farr for $345) to wear with

your black blazer, cashmere sweater or silk top.

And for you, Ann, I found one great look that brings together your love of the great outdoors in Vail and beloved white jeans.  Bring on the snow!

Isabel Marant Fall 2011 Runway


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One response to “Style Me Fall 2011: White

  1. Mary Beth

    I love love love an old pair of white corduroy with lacy cutouts-ever so slight . My sisters tell me to let them go but I cannot. I am so glad I am in fashion! Thanks.

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