Playlist – Closet Clean Out


I love to spend part of Labor Day organizing my closet in preparation for fall.  My type-A personality finds deep meaning in bringing order to my clothes, but my enthusiasm can flag during the process, so I like to have good music to keep me happy and motivated to finish the task.  So, here is my playlist (and a few tips) for cleaning out your closet.  Enjoy!

The The’s “This is The Day” is a catchy, uplifting song to inspire you to get to work.  I like to start by moving my fall/winter clothes to a more accessible place in the closet and moving my summer things to the back.  When I do this, I also review the clothes from each season.  If there is a top or skirt that I didn’t wear all summer, I set it to the side, to decide whether to keep, give away or hide.  I also take a good hard look at my winter clothes, those that look sad or worn out, buh-bye.  

Ahh, nothing like a good old 80s tune to make you feel young again. 

Now that you have done the once over, it’s time to get a bit more picky.  Are there any clothes that don’t quite fit, or are hopelessly dated?  Time to give them the heave-ho.

I usually rediscover a few items in my closet, something that I haven’t worn for a while, or that I realize will now look great with my new J Brand pink jeans.  So, I take some time to try on new combinations that I hadn’t thought of before, and, voila, a new outfit is born.  Gomez’s “Options” is the perfect “trying on” tune (weird video, awesome song).


I always do one last review, to be sure I’ve really pared down my clothes, so that I only have the items in there that I really like, that truly fit and that I think I will wear.  The Black Keys have the perfect song to “Tighten Up” your wardrobe.

Now, I look at my closet and think about what new clothes I’d like to add to my wardrobe, both trends and essentials.  I make a list, so I don’t overspend, because I can’t afford a “Rock and Roll Lifestyle” like Cake.

Don’t forget to organize your shoes!

Remember that pile of clothes, to give away or hide?  If I’m unsure whether or not I’m ready to give something away, I’ll hide it up on the top shelf of my closet.  If I miss it, it’s still there to wear.  If not, it goes in the recycle pile the next season.  Invariably, I never miss it once it goes into hiding.  

Now for the giveaway pile.  Why not donate your gently used clothing to a worthy cause, like Dress for Success?  Dress for Success is a national non-profit, with locations throughout the United States, which provides disadvantaged women with professional attire.  It gives many women a “Second Chance” (Peter, Bjorn and John).


You’re finished!  Now, it’s time to celebrate with a few girl-power tunes, and Chaka Khan.

Julie, I know specialize in closet organization, so I’d love to hear your tips.  But, also how you like the tunes.



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  1. Katie

    I tend to tackle my closet just after the season’s have changed and all of my summer and fall get mixed in together…it’s cooling down in DC so that may be sooner than later. Love the music playlist! I am certain it will help keep my clean out on track and add a little bit of fun.

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