Wardrode Essentials – The Column of Color


I know one of the key elements that you recommend is a part of every wardrobe is the column of color.  It’s an elegant look that is so sharp, and elongates the body, even for a shorty like me.  So, I was reminded of you when I saw the fall ad campaign from Akris:

and from Max Mara

They are totally breaking the law, by having the shirt match the suit, and the handbag, and the sunlgasses, AND the shoes…

But there is nothing Granimals about this look.  Although I’m partial to the warm camel tones shown above, the elegant pairings (even the pearls match!) of this Donna Karan in grey is so refined.

I would feel confident walking into any business or social situation in any one of these outfits.


It’s not even my birthday and you’re talking column of color.  I do like taking a shade — 99.9% of the time, a neutral — from head to toe.  The examples you’ve shown are both gorgeous and over-the-top.  You don’t often see a woman wearing every piece, including accesories, in the same color.  Exactly the same color.  I like a monochromatic, minimalist look because it is elongating, slimming, chic and kind to many skintones.  My daily uniform is the column of color: same tone top and bottom with an accent color for the accessory or top layer (sweater or coat).  You can take a basic look of a navy, grey, winter white or a black top with the same shade in pants and accent with either neutrals or the full spectrum of color.  The varying materials with different weights give a great tone-on-tone look.  Throw in a statement necklace and that’s about all the fun you can have.

A great look for Fall is a column of black with a winter white jacket or longer sweater on top. Very sleek and on-trend. That’s probably what I’ll wear to New York tomorrow for the Spring 2012 runways shows. I’m going with my amost-thirteen year old daughter, Cecilia.  It’s a fashion nightmare because summer is over but Fall has a week or two to begin.  Not to mention it’s been raining for four days straight up along the eastern seaboard.  So all our superior fashion statements could be washed away.

I’ll report back on Monday to let you know if column of color is the go-to look in Avery Fisher Hall.

Images: Akris, Max Mara, Donna Karan



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3 responses to “Wardrode Essentials – The Column of Color

  1. Ann

    I’m so jealous, the Runway shows! Ceci is the luckiest young lady. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Cati

    This is my dream look! All four of them, well I could do without the last one. I actually dreamed of a camel color sheath dress to interview in for my next job. I think you sparked with your blog on “what to interview in.” Now to get the dress and the interview……

  3. Ann

    Cati, the camel color would look so good on you with your hair color and complexion. Get the dress, the interview will come…

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