To Market, to Market

Julie and I haven’t posted for a few days because we were at market for Spring 2012 in New York.  But, we took lots of pictures…

Day 1-Designers & Agents

I joined Julie, and her sister, Julia Farr PR guru, Mary Joyce to peruse all the exciting fashions coming to us in six short months for Spring!

Market is a thrilling, but exhausting, experience.  We were there for three days, every one of which is packed with visits to designer’s booths and showrooms. 

We started on Sunday, with visits to a number of designers at the Designers & Agents show, held in the Starrett Lehigh Center.  We saw collections from Jane Oh, Calypso/St. Barths and Tysa. 

Mary Joyce, Ann and Julie in front of D&A

Here we are with our favorite Irish designer, Lucy Downes.  Her Sphere One collection consists of beautiful cashmere, linen and cotton knits.   Not only is Lucy incredibly charming, but her designs are so chic and filled with all types of lovely details.

Julie was thrilled to have discovered a new designer.  Mizuiro is a company from Japan who featured stunning linen tops and dresses, in unique designs. 

Julie and Mary Joyce at the Mizuiro booth

I found a few unique designs myself. 

I love those pants, perfect for my next Dead show.

We wrapped up our day with a visit to the lovely women at Lafayette 148 New York.  Their showroom is a gorgeous space located at, you guessed it, 148 Lafayette Street.  Julia Farr’s representative, Alison, was so much fun to work with.  We had a blast looking through their extensive collection.  There are so many wonderful things coming in for Spring.  I hope Julie ordered that long-sleeved, purple silk tunic for me!

Julie and Alison

We finished the evening with a late dinner at Il Buco, one of Julie’s favorite restaurants, and now, one of mine.  It’s a tiny Italian restaurant, with family style seating and delicious, fresh ingredients.  If you go, don’t miss the kale appetizer, yummy and so good for you!  Balance it out with the clotted cream dessert. 

There is no better way to end a busy day than with a bowl of fresh pasta, a bottle of Chianti and dear friends talking about fashion!

Tomorrow:  Day 2, at Coterie



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2 responses to “To Market, to Market

  1. Katie

    sounds like a blast! I can’t wait to see the Spring Fashions at Julia Farr.

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