Days Two and Three – Coterie

Days Two and Three – Coterie at the Javits Center

The Coterie show is much bigger than D & A, filled with some of the larger design houses like Tibi and Milly.  You pass booth after booth, filled with samples of all the designs offered for spring.  This market took up two full days.

Although it’s a massive show, Julie and Mary Joyce always have a plan, and appointments, with the designers they feature at Julia Farr.  We saw Sara Campbell, ADAM, Tibi, Susana Monaco, Dallin Chase, Halston, Alice + Olivia, Sachin & Babi and Kara Ross.  Here is Julie at her meeting with Diana, her White + Warren representative.

In between appointments, we would walk the massive show, looking for new designers for the store.

The fashion gods smiled upon us because we found Raoul.  We were pulled into their booth by a striking, long dress on their mannequin.  But, once in, we saw their fabulous line of elegant skirts, pants, tops and dress in luxurious silks and cottons and we knew we had found a winner.  Although we were initially attracted by the beautiful clothing, we found it hard to leave because the people at Raoul were so nice and fun (thank you Karen)!

They also have an incredible accessories line, including shoes, belts and handbags.  Julie, Mary Joyce and I could not resist the shoes, and we’ll be wearing them this spring!

There is nothing like a smart cocktail at the end of a long day.  We met Julie’s dear Aunt Adele at the lovely Colony Club…

The Farr Women – Mary Joyce, Adele and Julie, and Ann, at the Colony Club

…then proceeded to the Post Bar to have a drink while waiting for our table at our favorite French restaurant. 

This restaurant is another one of Julie’s favorites, but she never knew the name.  There is no sign on it, so she always called it the No Name restaurant.  Well, we discovered this time, it does have a name:  Le Bilboquet.  We still aren’t certain of the pronunciation (do you pronounce the “l”?) and I can’t find a definition of it, maybe it’s a family name?  Regardless, they serve exquisite food and on this particular Monday evening, the place was hopping!  People were celebrating birthdays, engagements and just life in general.  Our waiter was dancing throughout the restaurant, and by the end of the evening, there was even a woman (a blonde, of course—but not Mary Joyce) dancing on the banquette.  Not to mention that the owner is simply dreamy.

I’m not sure if it was the wine, or the endive salad, but don’t we look happy?

To make it even more of a perfect New York evening, we were treated to a visit from several fire trucks, filled with those awesome NYC firemen.  There was no fire, no emergency, but we at least had the opportunity to chat up these handsome heros. 

Ahh, I love New York.



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3 responses to “Days Two and Three – Coterie

  1. Mary

    You and Julie have quite the twinkle in your eyes in that last picture!! Great post, wishing all the best to Julia Farr.

  2. Katie

    Sounds like a great time and great clothes!

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