Style Icons – by Ann

Julie and I each put together a list of our top five personal style icons, without talking to each other, so we can see if our icons overlap or comeplety contrast with one another.  We will compare them and comment later on today.  We want to hear from you!  Who are your style icons?


My style icons are a mix of old and new faces. 

Grace Kelly, for her combination of European sexy with Philadelphia prep.

Audrey Hepburn, for her enduring, distinctive style across the decades

Jennifer Aniston, for her confidence to stick with simple, but sexy silhouettes.  She’s often on the red carpet in a black dress,

but she is a showstopper every time.

I adore and admire Kate Spade.  She started out making handbags in her New York apartment and built a distinctive fashion brand based upon simple, conservative silhouettes and fabulous accessories.  She also grew up in my neighborhood and is a truly nice person—hometown girl done good!

I love Beyoncé’s style.  Although I’m too old and conservative to mimic it, I admire how she effortlessly pulls off the elegant evening gown… 

the shorts and high heels look…

…or the sequined mini dress…

Ok, I have to put down one more…

Coco Chanel (but she is such an icon, she has her own special category)

Her fashion house has existed, in one form or another, for almost 100 years, and continues to represent her distinctive style with the ropes of pearls, the classic quilted lambskin hangbag with the chain strap…

or the Chanel suit…

It looks as good then, as it does now…

P.S. the Chanel handbag is on my list of “Most Wanted”, in case you are keeping track (ahem…Tyler)

And now, here come Julie’s style icons…


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