Style Icons by Julie


Coming up with five fashion  icons was not easy!  There are a lot of women (or characters in television shows) who have great style that I like to either just watch or emulate. As I started to draft my top five, however, there was one theme that was pervasive for all of them: their dress or wardrobing was their essence, their self-expression.  So while I may not dress like all these women (although they are pretty safe selections), I like the idea that dress is an expression of self, and not something separate.  So here goes.

My fashion icons (excluding you and my family for today):

Mary Tyler Moore in her eponymous show in the 1970’s

Mary was herself: fun, modest, professional, just a little flirty, independent.

Lucille Ball because she never strayed from who she was…

Even when her nose was on fire.

Sienna Miller because she’s cool even in crisis.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis because I can’t help myself. She was the epitome of ladlylike chic.


I know it’s cliche, but….

Audrey Hepburn

Her mimalist style won my heart. On the days that I just can’t go be wildly creative, I go Audrey with a sleek look and ballet flats.  And I thank her for making a streamlined look be effortless style.



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5 responses to “Style Icons by Julie

  1. Ann

    Wow! Only one in common, but of course it’s Audrey. Although, I almost put down Sienna Miller too, but Aniston beat her out. And, of course I considered Jackie O as well. Speaking of characters of t.v. shows who always dressed well, I always thought all three female characters on “Friends” looked great, especially Phoebe—although how she afforded her wardrobe on a massage therapists salary can only be answered by the t.v. writers.

  2. kelly finn


    It’s fun to read your creative quips about fashion. I’ll pass this along to friends. You both offer fun insights into fashion. Your writing style reminds me of Molly Wizenberg, author of If you love food and cooking, she is awesome.


    • Ann

      Kelly, thanks so much for reading! Julie and I are having a blast doing this together. I look forward to seeing you around the hockey rink this season. You can help me write a post about hockey parents fashion (is there such a thing? Yes!) Ann

  3. laura

    i hope my pal Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t read your blog today!! she would be seriously offended that she didn’t make the cut!!!!

  4. Ceci

    I love your post mom! I love all of your fashion icons. It was amazing!!!!!

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