FALL in Action: The Color Story


I remember you coming back to our apartment on 88th and 2nd (in 1988) after Thanksgiving with your family, wearing your cool Levis-that-were-your-brothers’- but-fit-you-perfectly.  I couldn’t touch that and had to accept the fact that my newly owned Gap jeans based-on-a-girl’s-not-a-boy’s-figure might be the only ones to fit me.  Then, feeling a little down on my jeans’ destiny, I made the pilgrimage to San Francisco to Levi Strauss to find the jeans that the computer told me would fit just for me…and they really didn’t.  Since 1988, I have loved 7 for All Mankind and now Joe’s Jeans.  A chic boutique owner in Naples, Florida, told me that Joe’s were the very best because they fit many body types so well. I jumped in with Joe’s when I opened my store and have been just over the moon with the many different designs, cuts and colors.  If you are not sure what cut is right for you, call me.

I’m seguing now.  We kicked off our end-of-summer conversations with what’s in for Fall ’11.  We hit some colors, we hit some trends. Today, I’m starting Part I of a three-part series of FALL in Action.  Two weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to give two talks to groups of women about Fall 2011 trends and wardrobing.  What I will share over the next few posts are the major themes of my talk:  Fall 2011 Colors (Part I), Fall 2011 Major Trends (Part II) & How We Make Trends Part of Our Wardrobe (Part III).  First, the colors that dominated the runway in February 2011 and are now in the stores and out on the street:

Winter White

Black is back.

Black and White together


Emerald Green

Cobalt Blue


Ochre (means a darker shade of yellow that only three people can wear)

The nudes (shimmery, sparkly ones, too)


Purple — one of your very favorites, AT!

OK. There could be a few more, but I’m going with the lead shades.  I’m back on Friday with the three top trends…as I see them.  Until then, look in your closet for your one of the above colors and throw it on.


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