Los Angeles Textile Show


I’ve just returned from two days in sunny Los Angeles, although I spent most of my time inside the California Market Center looking at beautiful fabrics from vendors all over the world. 

It was such an incredible sensory experience, touching all the lush velvets, smooth silks and luxurious wools. 

Your post about Fall Colors was perfectly timed, as I was looking ahead to colors that will be trending in the next 6 months to a year.  Bright colors will still be in play (yeah!), but red is now called rosetto, green is kelly and purple is sapphire.  Lenzing, a leading textile manufacturer, projects that the colors of nature will be predominant in fashion next year.  Colors like alyssum, umber, apricot, cinnabar and sea-mist.  Don’t they just sound wonderful?

I’ll look forward to hearing about your top three Fall 2011 trends on Monday!



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