FALL in Action: Three Trends

Fall 2011 Trends: Fur and Fringe


I loved reading your LA Textile Market update.  Although not a big color-in-my-wardrobe person, I certainly like the idea of it on everyone else. Like you, when the Fall fashions were unveiled last February, I spent a lot of time reading blogs and then reading the September issues of a few magazines trying to make sense of the trends.  This was more challenging than I thought it would be.  There seemed to be a lot of bright colors, a lot of what I now call “a la carte trends” – fur, leather, lace, velvet – and thematic or period trends – mod, 1960’s, lady, menswear, a little military.  I have come up with three trends that seem to capture the big and the small, the “one-season only” and the longer duration “seismic trends”.


Color is not only just color; it is a MAJOR TREND!  As you wrote about, Ann, in a former post — color-blocking — the term for putting vibrant shades together in the same ensemble — is now just called COLOR.  And according to one one Vogue writer, it is more of a seismic wave than a trend. Apparently color is here for the next 5-10 years. Where the default was black, choose color. We are seeing it infused in tailoring – jackets, coats and trousers. Quickest wardrobe update:  a colorful topcoat or pair of pants.  Think red, green, blue.  Don’t stop there, of course.

From my boutique experience this Fall, women have caught on to the color trend, casting aside the dark grays and shades of brown (call me if you need any, I have a ton!), embracing cashmeres, silks and wools in vibrant shades.

Embellishments, Patterns and Prints

Fall 2011 is also all about the infusion of luxury into our daily wardrobe.  Although our global economic environment might suggest we all dress in a serious, somber way (covered in itchy wool), reflecting the uncertainty of our financial world, designers suggested we go to the extreme, wrapping ourselves in the finest fabrics, day and evening, exuding a rich, indulged spirit. Here are several of the details you can try: fur (on collars, sleeves, and shoes), leather, velvet, fringe, lace, gilded sheen, python-everything and bold prints – graphic, plaid and polka dots.

Fur and more fur!


Lace, leather and velvet

Polka Dot and Python

Graphic Prints: a trend to continue

Design Trends

My last “bucket” for what is happening this Fall is the design trends: a catch-all for the thematic, period and actual design trends that were all over the runways and are now all over the streets.

Mod 1960’s A-line dresses with boots, hats, and to-the-knee overcoats: design trends are dropped waists, windowpane checks and ¾ sleeves

Kate Middleton ladylike chic Small prints, sheath dresses, lace collars, clutch purses and stockings:  design trends are longer skirt lengths, peplum skirts

Menswear With a nod to the corporate woman in the down-economy, designers have made chic  tuxedo jackets, minimalist suiting with structured shoulders

To add to the mix, capes are back, maxi-coats are now to the ground (I project just one season for this one) and skirt slits go very far north (which climb even higher in Spring ’12).

Maxi coats for now, maxi slits for later

Of course, making sense of the Fall trends and bringing them into our own wardrobe is a whole other story. In fact, that’s Wednesday’s story.


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