“Friending” the Trends


After my Monday post on the Three Fall 2011 Trends, did you run out to get a bunch of long skirts, maxi coats and python pants? I’m guessing you didn’t.  Because those new trends aren’t YOU: not the right proportion, not your taste. That’s the thing about trends.  It’s all about the choices — whether a certain new (or old) look is right for you. The newest trends are available in the marketplace to bring into your wardrobe…or to pull from the back of your closet if you’ve ridden that trend before.  That is, you can make a new friend or reconnect with an old one.

I always use two considerations when looking at the buffet of current seasonal trends:

1)   Is the trend right for me and my body type?

2)   Do I like it?

No matter the fashionably “new” length in skirts and dresses, or the height of the slit, if you are not made for it, you won’t feel comfortable wearing it.  And you shouldn’t feel compelled just because it’s on every street corner.  And if you are averse to wearing animal fur or skins, no trend is going to want to make you put it on.

But, one of the greatest benefits of trends is that they give us permission.  Permission to open the door to trying something we might have wanted to try – say, a leather skirt, a tuxedo jacket, studded pumps, COLOR – and weren’t quite sure we could pull it off.  An “in-trend” is open-season to step out of our wardrobe norm to widen our wardrobe possibilities, as well give a venue for self-expression.

With the world of color, fur, velvet, lace with ladylike dresses, mod prints and menswear tailoring before me, I’ve chosen a few pieces — new friends to me — to bring into my wardrobe and pulled out a few good old friends from the attic.  I unearthed my leather loden croc skirt from seasons past and a color block suede I bought at least ten years ago.  I’m going to wear my fun fur I found last year from Jane Oh. I just recently brought in black suede platform boots from Varda, the leopard jacket from Milly pictured above and an asymmetrical boot skirt from Catalina Sard. I’m seriously considering a Lafayette 148 two sided leather trimmed cape in pumpkin and brown that is completely fabulous.  New looks yes, new colors…not so much.

When you have a chance, Ann, let me know what trends you’ve befriended this Fall.


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