London Calling


Thanks for all the posts in the past few weeks — I can’t wait to go to C. Wonder in Soho on my next NY trip.  Seems Tory and Christopher are both masters of marketing.  As you know, I was on a short trip to London and Paris the first week in November.  I’ve been dying to tell you all the fashion statements I saw on the city streets.  The trends for Fall 2012 could not have been interpreted more differently city to city.

First up –  LONDON!  The fashion story in London is COLOR and lots of it.  I was struck by the number of people — both men and women —  I saw unabashedly wearing bold, bright hues.   Here is one of the first gentlemen we spotted on the street outside Claridge’s as we ventured out for the day:

Fabulous, no?

He was so very confident in his pinkish pants and blueberry sweater. I wondered where he might be heading…Next thing I spotted – brightly colored tights!

Blues and Reds abounded

By the time I snapped this shot, I had seen several young women out and about wearing bright tights with ballet flats.

Color was everywhere.  In the stores on the models:

A Ralph Lauren Mannequin at Harrods

To the streets on college students studying abroad:

My niece, Amelie, embracing the red-of-the-season back to the tres au courant polka dots and boots.

Quite honestly, I didn’t notice any other trends we’ve been writing about for the past few months circulating around except from the some of the boutique windows along the way:

Neutral-toned fuzzy boots with a python bag…trends waiting to catch hold….

Paris was tout a fait anotre chose! More on Thursday about Fall ’11 Fashion in the City of Lights–

XO, Julie


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