Riddle Me This….Boot Height and Skirt Length


Fun party pants! You’ll have to let me know how I am to fit them into my current monochromatic wardrobe.  You may not believe this – but I had a jaunty pair of plaid pants our freshman year in college that I wore with a fab boiled wool jacket in the very shade of berry as the pants.  It was a complete ensemble!

Speaking of ensembles, I read a great little style piece in December 2011 Lucky Mag by Jessica Matlin about the boot height-skirt length conundrum. In fact the name of the piece is “Solving the Boot Height-Skirt Lenth Conundrum”.  The short-and-to-the-point article advised on what length skirt to wear with what height boot. Genius, no?  I loved the author’s opening statements of fact:

Point 1: Ankle boots go with any length.

Point 2: It gets more complicated after that.

I’ve copied the article here.   This is good information.  Seriously, who knew??? — Julie

(Matlin, Jessica. “Solving the Boot Height-Skirt Lenth Conundrum”. Lucky. December, 2011, page 28.


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