Lady in Red – Animated!


I love sequins, so festive!  I haven’t quite worked them into my day-to-day wardrobe, but now I’ll try it. 

I was at a lovely holiday luncheon last week and I noticed (happily!) that at least half the women in attendance were wearing RED!  I know it’s the holidays, but I feel like women today are much more comfortable and confident wearing red, so they are wearing it more often.

Now, forgive me while I switch gears for a minute…

I went to to look at their selection of red dresses and I was bowled over by their online presentation of women’s clothing.  Maybe I’m really excited right now because the color red is considered an emotionally intense color and stimulates a faster heartbeat, but, WOW, you have to click on each of these links to see how the dresses are presented.

Like this gorgeous twist-front red dress in stretch silk charmeuse, from Calulla Lillibelle


Isn’t that cool?  The models walk the runway in the dress.  My own personal fashion show!  And, it shows the clothes off so much better, you get a sense for how they fit and move on the body.

See how gently the pleats swish on this Kay Unger dress?

Did you notice how they indicate the model’s height underneath the description?  Good to know that she is 5’10”, since that size 4 will look waaaay different on a 5’4” girl.

I’m officially sold on this little number by Shelli Segal

The keyhole in the back?  Adorable.  Saks also very kindly shares the name of the shoe shown with each outfit.  And, the fit model recommends whether or not you should order the shoes true to size or not.  Could they be any more helpful?

I’m interested to see how many stores follow brilliant online marketing, and how soon.  I’m officially addicted to  Well, that and Christmas cookies. 


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