Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


After all the excitement of sequins and red dresses, now I’m ready to think about something warm and comfortable to wear by the fire. 

Heavy, knit sweaters are cropping up this year, and I think their popularity will continue to grow well into 2012.  Cutting edge designers like Fendi

and Theory

are showing thick, luxurious sweaters.

The Travel section of the December 11 issue of the New York Times was about skiing and they featured my long time favorite, and ultimate ski sweater:

L.L. Bean’s traditional Norwegian sweater.  They still only make it for men, but that just makes it feel so much more cozy.  Even better, buy one for the man in your life, then steal it and wear it.

Speaking of tradition, what could be warmer than an Irish fisherman’s sweater from the Aran Island Sweater Company?


If it’s good enough to keep Irish sailors warm while fishing in the Irish Sea, it’s good enough to keep me warm on my couch.  Like any good Irish girl, I’ll accessorize with a nice glass of Jameson’s.


Images: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, L.L. Bean, Aran Island Sweater Company


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