Our Favorite Trends of 2011


Color, color, color!  I love it on my sweaters, my jeans, my shoes and my dresses!  I think this trend will last through 2012, with an emphasis on strong colors (Pantone’s color of 2012 – Tangerine Tango), as well as a movement toward pastels.  But, just say no to Day-glo


Me, too. I’m in on color. Although you won’t see me awash in primary colors head-to-toe, even a neutral-nut like me can feel free in color-dabbling when I’m feeling wild.  I’ve been wearing dark red with abandon the past few weeks, and may even try a little tangerine come Spring. I agree, this color trend is here to stay.

Maxi – whether it’s a dress or a skirt, I love maxis, but I prefer mine more sophisticated and chic than slouchy and hippie.  I found styles that work, even on a petite frame.  I doubt this trend will be with us much longer, but I’m milking it for all it’s worth.


Again, you’ve got me here.  I love long. Just yesterday, I bought a long black sweater skirt from a little boutique and haven’t stopped wearing it. With boots for a base, it’s a great look.  Crossing my fingers maxi stays with us for a little longer.

Wide-leg pants – Wide-leg pants work for me, with a super-high heel.  But, you will never see me in high-waisted pants for as long as I live.

Julie: Ann, you’ve got it, again.  Take it from a retailer, high waisted pants need to stay with Katharine Hepburn. Although I love them and wear them, they work for so few women — they are hardly a trend to embrace.

Ladylike look – I am so pleased to see people dressing up again, and a return to structured, elegant fashion.

Julie: Yes., indeed.  Ladylike looks make every woman look better. Really.  Most better designers have taken note.

Southwestern – I’ve always liked Native American and Southwestern accents, such as turquoise jewelry, concho belts and leather moccasins.  I think this trend has been around for so long, it’s become classic.  But, only in small doses.

Julie:  Without any real connection to the Southwest US, this trend is lost on me.  Although….I’d be happy to borrow your silver and turquoise Ralph Lauren belt any day!

Ann: I can live without menswear, lace, python or military, and hope all those trends will go back underground for 2012.

Julie: And I have loved all the embellishments: fur, velvet, sequins, feathers. More texture to the materials gives more options for more looks. I hope capes, ponchos and chunky knits stick with us for another Fall season. But, hopefully, Ann, we’ll both be happily surprised by what Fashion 2012 brings our way.

Ann’s Images: Gucci, Target, Neiman Marcus, E Online, James Reid, Ltd.


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