Miraval in the New Year

We’ve been quiet for the past week because we snuck off to the Sonoran desert for our third annual retreat at Miraval Spa in Arizona.

Miraval sits at the foot of the Santa Catalina mountains, in a 400 acre peaceful desert enclave that creates an immediate feeling of calm and awareness.  While here we rest, reflect on the past year and re-energize as we begin a new year.

We love Miraval’s fantastic spa treatments, fitness classes and fresh, healthy food, but they also offer a unique opportunity to learn more about yourself through their challenge course.  In our search for balance, last year we walked on a 35-foot high tightrope across the desert(connected to a series of safety cables, of course.  All of the challenge activities are very safe).  This year, in order to learn to let go of the past and move in an open, positive manner toward the future, we were hoisted up 35-feet in the air, where we release the rope holding us up, to swing out over the desert floor.

This is the cool part: before we began the activity, our charming leader, Lewis, instructed each of us to take a moment and think about something that we have been holding onto, something that is eating at us, that we just can’t let go of.  When we are at the top of the high wire, he asks us to think of that thing we want to let go, then we symbolically let go of that issue at the same moment that we let go of the rope holding us steady and we SWING.

Here is how it looks:

Julie is all hooked in, ready to be hoisted up…

Julie, at 35 feet, with a big smile…

On your mark, get set…

Swing out, sister…

Ann was next…

No, she didn’t faint, just completely relaxed.

Ann really let go…

The other great thing about Miraval:  they serve wine.

Cheers to letting go of negativity and swinging into the positive in 2012!

Ann and Julie



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6 responses to “Miraval in the New Year

  1. Stephanie Lennon

    My intense fear of heights would be the first thing that I’d have to let go but I can definitely embrace the glass of wine! Perhaps I’d have to do that first!
    Congratulations on letting go and getting ready for another year of teaching us all how to feel pretty inside & out!

    • Ann

      Thank you Stephanie! I know you would love the swing, but maybe you would need the glass of wine BEFORE you tried it, rather than after. Happy New Year to you!

  2. MaryJoyce Colwell

    I want to FLY & SWING ( & definately the wine 😉

  3. Katie Blando

    I love your tradition of Miraval! Jumping off the 30 foot telephone pole 3 years ago is a wonderful memory!

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