Wardrobe Essential – The Winter Coat


I know it’s January 12, and I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s cold outside, but this has been such a mild winter so far, I was caught off guard by the negative zero wind chills that greeted me when I woke up this morning.

This is the perfect time to talk about THE most important part of everyone’s winter wardrobe, the winter coat (except for those who reside year round in a place like Hawaii—a life I aspire to, but that’s another story…)

I used to give my winter coat the short shrift.  I would buy something long, black and thick.  But, a winter coat should really be a showpiece in your wardrobe.  Something that you are excited to put on, even though there is an ice storm outside your front door.  After all, you wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY for four months out of the year.

Why not make a statement in this winter white, wool Jane Oh coat (available at Julia Farr)?

White is truly a neutral and can be worn with almost everything, even all the colors that I have in my closet.  The slim, elegant cut means it works for the office with a pencil skirt and boots, or for beers and a basketball game with Joe’s or J Brand skinny jeans.

I find that I need a lighter coat for those days when I spend most of the time in my car, and only dash out into the cold for a moment or two.  That’s why I always like to have a lightweight topper, or a car coat, at the ready.  This double-breasted Halston (at Julia Farr) is ideal, made of a yummy, lightweight, plush cashmere.

I love that you could button up the double-breasted look to be pulled together, or just cinch the belt, and presto, done.

Just to throw something out there that is truly a statement coat, take a look at this beauty from Etro:

Wool, silk, paisley, coyote fur…it’ll take you wherever you need to go.

The point is, don’t get stuck in the big, black coat rut.  Let your coat express your personal style as much as any dress or pair of shoes.

The lucky thing for us mere mortals who aren’t connected in the fashion world is that the mild winter means that we can get these beautiful coats on sale!  The Jane Oh and Halston coats are 1/2 off at Julia Farr, as is the Etro coat from Polyvore.

Stay warm!


Images: Top: Brrrr; Middle two: Julia Farr, Bottom: Polyvore.


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