Chasing Skirts


For Spring ’12, go buy a skirt.  What kind you ask?  Honestly, any shape, size, design, length, or material you want.  The skirt is IN in a very big way.  Here’s the list of options: pencil, pleated, floral, metallic, colored pastel leather (or white — ooh, so chic!), lace, chiffon, flouncy, a mini, a midi, a maxi, a layered one.

You really could trip and fall on this trend and get it right.  I can’t really think of a style of skirt that is not IN except maybe those worn by Vivian Leigh in that great antebellum film.

Scarlet O’Hara wearing a skirt made from velvet curtains in Gone with the Wind: (Not in style.)

Many of us who have relied heavily on The Dress to solve all getting-dressed-in-the-morning concerns may resist the rising tide of the skirt.  But here’s the beauty of the skirt: it is a statement unto itself.  All the other pieces are mere background to this harmony of fabric and design. Even a khaki pleated midi skirt can breathe new life into the wardrobe staple for this Spring.  I imagine your skirt length has dropped considerably during your travels in the Middle East. Dying for more photos…but until then, I will write back with the truly fun and fabulous skirt designs for Spring 2012 at Julia Farr.  More soon.



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