Seeing RED: Spring Trend Watch 2012

Milly Spring 2012 Runway


I’m all for the pleated skirts and ladylike looks, but won’t be able to push past my neutral-by-orientation-bent to embrace patterned pants and neon.  In fact, just say no to neon.  Except for tennis balls, it can’t last.

What I am surrounded by all day in my boutique is the color red, and the color orange, and more of the color red. If you can believe it, Ann, it is starting to overcome the whites, beiges, and pale grays.  In fact, a client’s husband asked me today if there was a fire sale on crimson colored clothing.  I politely replied that it was lead color this spring and all the designers I carried had embraced it.  But he had a point; red came in for fall but has EXPLODED for spring.  The women who visit my boutique generally love a piece in orange or red to spruce up their grey-on-grey winter wardrobe.  Throwing in a bright, happy shade of red is a quick way to transition to spring and give your wardrobe a boost of color that it has most probably been missing.

Milly’s Spring ’12 Collection is awash in red.  I’m carrying both a great dress for warmer weather and a pair of pants that can be added in to your wardrobe now (not pictured here):

Great Milly Red Dress! At Julia Farr

Amy Matto also jumped on the red train with chic and easy dresses.

Elise Dress by Amy Matto. At Julia Farr

And our fabulous cashmere and knit designer from Dublin, Lucy Downes, went strong with orange in her cotton sweater collection, mixing the bright hue with a really great beige.

Both cardigans available at Julia Farr

Which of these do you think I’ll make my own?

(Photos courtesy of Milly, Amy Matto and Sphere One by Lucy Downes.)


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