Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I don’t celebrate quite the same way we did when we were in college.  Remember this St. Patrick’s Day morning at the Four Provinces in Washington, DC?

Because of the long lines on St. Patrick’s Day, you had to arrive well before noon to have any hope of entering the bar – at least, that was our reason for going to a bar at 10:00 a.m. to drink green beer.

These days, I prefer to celebrate the holiday with a nice Irish lamb stew, and maybe a Guiness, wearing something green.  Any suggestions for a glamourous green item of clothing?


Ann, Ann, Ann,

How excellent that you have all these photos at your fingertips!  And what a great St. Patrick’s Day that was! Sometimes it is worth it to stand in line for hours for a really cold Harp.  And how about that Unicorn song with all the choreography that goes along with it?  That’s more of a sobriety test for us Irish.

Back to our wardrobe: I wore a dark olive green shirt that I borrowed from someone I cannot now remember — and similarly colored pants (not mine either) — for that column of color I relish.  And you in the emerald green and ivory ski sweater in March — just in case the temps should plummet!  I’d like to say that my St. Patrick’s Day wardrobe has evolved significantly since that day in 1988, but the truth is I still wrap myself in green from head to toe, just because.  It’s a big holiday in my house, where the Irish music starts early in the morning, the house is covered in shamrocks and leprechauns, and we eat Irish soda bread at breakfast and corned beef and cabbage at dinner.   It’s just about the happiest day of the year for my family.

I have some really great green options for St. Patrick’s Day that I’ll be posting a little later.  Stay tuned to find your March, 17, 2012 best look!



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