Spring & Fashion Forward


Happy Spring! March 20th marked the vernal equinox, the first calendar day of Spring– but Mother Nature brought warm weather and flowers to Washington, DC, weeks earlier. Following “winter-lite” with mild days throughout January and February, we’ve now had a run on days high in the 70’s.  Today, March 23rd, is supposed to be 81 degrees.  I’m sure you’re happy to receive my up to the moment weather report – but it does come with some significance to our fashion exchange:  WHAT TO WEAR?

Although fashion designers focus their collections by season (Pre-Fall, Fall, Holiday, Resort, Pre-Spring, Spring), if the season doesn’t cooperate, our fashion cues are thrown off, too.   Do we dress for March or do we dress for 81 degrees?  This poses a particular challenge for Washingtonians who tend to be buttoned-up, fashion rule followers, waiting for the seasons to change every 3 months like clockwork and then simultaneously transitioning materials and colors.

Nature has fully embraced Spring’s early arrival. The cherry blossoms are a sea of pink and white along the Tidal Basin and in Kenwood, jumping ahead of their scheduled April 14th Cherry Blossom parade, and lawns quite suddenly need to be groomed.  But Washingtonians themselves are more tentative. Although DC women are wearing lighter, brighter colors and donning some lighter materials  (I’ve even seen some white jeans and cropped pants!),  we haven’t jumped into our breezy summer cottons and linens — and  toes are still all covered up.

For most of my life, I have been that fashion rule follower, but I now find myself responding like a cherry blossom, living in fashion in the moment not by the calendar.

And you, Ann — are you holding dear to the fashion calendar or are you a cherry blossom?

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