Title Nine


Do you even have to ask? I’m a cherry blossom – adapting my style to the weather outside – which is gorgeous!  This warm weather has sent me back outside to exercise, running and biking and enjoying all the flowering trees.  Unfortunately, my workout clothes look pretty drab after the long winter, so I’ve been pouring over fitness clothing in catalogs from Athleta and Title Nine (which is the BEST name for a women’s sports wear company ever – it refers to legislation passed in 1972 which provides for equal opportunity and funding for women in sports).

Look at these women from Athleta:

Surfing, paddle boarding, and hiking.  Not only do the clothes look great, but the women look so healthy and fit.  Check out the abs on that gal with the surfboard.  I get the sense that these models are REAL athletes – probably hard-core too, like marathon runners or triathletes.  The athleticism of these women in their high-performance and stylish work out clothes make me want to run 26 miles, or at least go to a hot yoga class.

Even better – yoga on a mountain top (but, I could never get quite that much leg extension, even in high altitude).

The point is, when I look at the clothing from these two companies, I not only love the sports bras and cami pants, but everyone looks like they are having such a great time staying in shape.

I have to say, when I look through fashion magazines, I never fantasize about being a super model, but looking at these models/athletes in the pages of Athleta and Title Nine, I dream of becoming a pro surfer.

It could happen.



Images: Athleta and Title Nine


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