Dapper as Downton

Dapper Downton Style


As I spend my days wardrobing women in Washington, I sometimes lose sight of the fashion world for the other half of the population.  And, once in awhile, I do think for just about a second – what are the men wearing? So, in an effort to keep us in balance, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world of men’s fashion as explained by Tom Julian — a consumer trend expert whose insights have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He is the author of Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Everday Dressing and Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style

In his article in Askmen.com, Tom suggests that after five years of the “American Heritage” look, designers are now drawn to the British way of dressing, finding direct inspiration from the PBS hit, Downton Abbey.  He believes that with the dawn of this show portraying both the “Upstairs” and the “Downstairs” of British life, the rugged blue jeans look is heading for a new, more dapper day, as now seen on the Fall 2012 runways both here in the States and across the pond.  Here is an excerpt of his article with the link to it.

The Top Five Downton Essentials for any man’s wardrobe and an easy real-guy way to wear it.

The Double-Breasted Blazer
Navy blue is always acceptable. Seek out a six-button style. Super 100s wool is the preferred fabric. The easiest way to wear it: casual. We know you won’t be hanging at the Downton manor, so pair it with dark selvage jeans (cuff them up) or off-white jeans for the warm weather season. 

The Vesto
Any fabric will work, but select a five-button vest with some form of lapel and a belted back that will allow for easy sizing. Rather than think of the vest as formal with a fancy shirt and bow tie, pair it with a long-sleeve knit T-shirt in either crew or V-neck. 

The Military Jacket
Whether short or long, leather or fabric, the military must is an olive-colored jacket with epaulettes and flap and patch pockets. Keep it classic and let the jacket do all the talking. Layer it over everyday pieces like crewneck sweaters and casual pants.

The Henley
Think of this as a T-shirt with buttons at the neck. Wear it as a layering item and pair it with a vest that you already own.  

The Chelsea Boot
The most classic but understated footwear choice. Even The Beatles helped commercialize this boot. From black to brown, from leather to suede, this boot is the most versatile, and it looks great with suits or jeans.



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