How to Wear A Scarf

I was initially inspired by a photo that I saw of a model wearing bright jeans and a silk scarf as a top.
Suddenly, a barrage of images and memories came flooding to my head.
From the 60s through the 90s, the scarf enjoyed a wonderful place in every woman’s wardrobe from practical (Grace Kelly with her arm in an Hermes sling)
to fashionable (Jackie O)
I remember my mother, and every other woman around, always had a scarf of some description in her handbag. It was helpful for cold or rainy weather, to be incognito or to spiff up a plain outfit. It was the epitome of groovy to wear a headscarf in the late 60s & 70s. By the 80s, we were wearing them with our power suit as statement pieces to our wardrobes. During my junior year in Paris, my reverence for the classic Hermes was intensified. And, in the 90s, we were catching up with the chic trends from Europe and began wearing our scarves as bandeau tops and halters.
Currently, when I think of fashionistas brandishing the scarf as an accessory, my ” go to” gals are Nicole Ritchie
and J.Lo.
But more importantly, I would like to herald the scarf as the ultimate item in practicality. It is small and packs well. You can use it to stay warm or to be cool. You can literally change the look of the same outfit by featuring it in a different way. Hermes, Gucci and Prada make gorgeous silk scarves, but you can easily find a less expensive one almost anywhere.
And most importantly, it’s not just for women!
Let’s give it another go ’round this season. You probably have a stash under your bed.

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