Mark Cross


My mom teases me about how I plant all my spring flowers in tidy little rows, rather than artfully (or haphazardly, in my mind) placing them in the flowerbed.  But, the symmetry pleases me.

My husband teases me about how much satisfaction I get from cleaning out the basement, and putting everything on shelves up against the wall.  I like tidy boxes.

I think these two aspects of my personality reveal why I love Mark Cross handbags so much.  The clean, traditional lines are so appealing.

Gerald Murphy was the President and Owner of Mark Cross throughout most of the 20th century.  The writer in me loves that  Scott Fitzgerald dedicated his novel “Tender is the Night” to his good friends Gerald and his wife, Sara.  The main characters in the novel, Dick and Nicole Diver, are partly inspired by the Murphys.

The history major in me  loves that Mark Cross was established in Boston in 1845 as saddlers and harnessmakers (much like that other well-known saddler in France, Hermes).

As a French minor, I love that Sara and Gerald Murphy set up their home in Paris in the 20s, then spent the second half of that decade summering in Cap d’Antibes.

The story behind this brand is what leads me to the trough, but it’s the beauty of the goods that keeps me there.


All Images: Mark Cross



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2 responses to “Mark Cross

  1. lisa frazen

    Ann, enjoyed the history of the families and the business, and love, love, LOVE the handbags!

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