These are a Few of My Favorite Things


I do love a great hat! I’ve been wearing them since our college days (which is not really a cool statement, I realize.)  I’ve had the same straw Helen Kaminski beach hat since 1992 that has travelled with me to more than a few places in this world.  There are a few other favorites things I’ve found this Spring at my boutique that I wanted — in a Julie-Andrews-sort-of-way (without the singing) –to tell you about.  These are top, dresses, and pants that all fall under my ESSENTIAL-ELEGANT-ENLIGHTENED threshold for beautiful wardrobing pieces.

Lafayette 148 New York Halter Top:  Essential. This halter neck top looks just fabulous on woman of many different body types. It has a great neckline and exposes the shoulders in just the right way. We have white, black, navy, coral and a pretty pale green in our boutique collection.  Wonderful with summer skirts, tailored pants, — even shorts —  on its own or worn under any jacket or sweater.

Milly Navy Front Button Pant:  Essential.  A nice full leg and fitted waist makes these pants a great staple for Spring.  Wear them with the Lafayette 148 halter top for a nautical look or with a print blouse to capture Spring 2012. We also have them in white which are just as essential as the navy.

Sara Campbell Magic Dress:  Essential and Elegant.  This dress works for many, many (did I say many) women and makes them all look great!  The light ruching is strategically sewn in all the right places so you wear the dress and it doesn’t wear you. The designer makes this in great colors — with 3/4 sleeves or sleeveless for all seasons of the year. Right now we have this great pink shown here and a beautiful periwinkle.

Mizuiro Linen Navy Blouse:  Essential and Elegant. This gorgeous pieces looks much better on than off. It has balloon sleeves and a beautiful neckline. Great with white jeans and wedges. A long straight maxi skirt would be very cool, too.

Nha Khanh Pink Asymmetrical Dress: Elegant and Enlightened.  This is just a fantastic dress by emerging designer, Nha Khanh.   Hot pink silk that hits the knee in front and trails in back. It is just amazing on. When you walk the dress begins to float behind you.  Stunning, I tell you!

Raoul Katoucha Gown: Elegant and Enlightened. Remember this number at Spring market in the navy and white zebra, Ann?  We have it in the store in a beautiful cobalt blue.  The gold collar neckline holds the silk panels in place — exposing the shoulders and draping perfectly straight down to the ground.  Such an amazing design that is timeless in appeal.

As I said, Ann – these are just a few of my favorites! Not sure if I’ll have they’ll hang around as long as my hat, but you never know.


Images: Lafayette 148 NY, Milly, Sara Campbell, Mizuiro, Nha Kanh, Raoul


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