What to Wear Poolside in Palm Springs ca 1960


You know how much I LOVE Kate Spade.  Not only are her designs elegant and ladylike, with a specific retro aesthetic, but she is from my hometown, Kansas City.

She has just debuted a line of fabulous swimwear.  Bikinis (love the high-waist bottom!),


And a pareo,

Her signature retro styling is evident here, as is her sunny, happy prints.  The swimwear line was developed with Malia Mills.  Mills, who has designed swimwear for over 25 years, is well-known for her flattering designs and fit.

You have to go to her blog and watch this video.

It’s an interactive experience, where you chose the action and the music. You’ll want to join the Kate Spade world after watching it.  It’ll make you excited for summer and thirsty for a Red Stripe beer (watch it and you’ll see…).


All Images and Video: Kate Spade


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