Jewelry Fit for a Queen


Thank you for sharing the most recent issue of Capitol File with me, including the profile of our friend and Georgetown classmate, jewelry designer, Kara Ross.

Although we both know all about Kara’s exquisite fine jewelry collection, as well as her Kara by Kara Ross line of jewelry , belts and handbags (carried at Julia Farr),

I was thrilled to learn about her recent commission by the White House Office of Protocol.

The White House asked her to create a shirt cuff bracelet using the fallen limbs from a famous magnolia tree on the White House grounds that was planted by Andrew Jackson as a tribute to his wife.  Kara used this combination of history and nature to create an elegant, modern piece.

What a tribute it is to Kara, that the White House specifically sought her out, as an American jewelry artist to create unique gifts to give to heads of state and departing staff members.

Now, if I can just finagle a visit to the Oval Office, maybe I could snag one of those bracelets for myself!


All images from Capitol File, except handbag, which is from Kara Ross.


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