What to Wear for Mother’s Day


Happy Almost Mother’s Day!  I hope your family is planning a fun and relaxing day for you.  I’m hoping my children will plant all the Spring flowers in the garden for me — too much to ask?!

This year, you and I have THE answer to the question “What to Wear”  on Mother’s Day for brunch or dinner. That’s right – you guessed it – our first dress design of the Julia Farr Collection.

The Sheridan Dress by Julia Farr and Ann Prochnow, $320 at Julia Farr

It’s a beautiful shade of pale coral and ivory with a silvery shimmer.  Made of viscose, it is lightweight with a fitted upper waist, a slide slit that is not too high and a beautiful neckline.  And to wear with it, a cute clutch and great jewelry from Kara Ross, of course!

Kara Ross Passion papaya python clutch ($955) & cuff ($290), Pink resin earrings ($145) and Pink sugarloaf ring ($170) at Julia Farr

Bravo, Ann, for being a great mother to your two fabulous children — and for designing a dress for all the other marvelous mothers to wear this Sunday!  (And if all your friends in town need the Sheridan dress by Saturday, call the boutique at 202-364-3277 and we will ship it out for Saturday delivery.)




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3 responses to “What to Wear for Mother’s Day

  1. Ann

    This is so fun to see our design online and “in print.” Wow! Happy Mother’s Day to you too. You are truly one of the greatest mothers that I know!

  2. lisa frazen

    Congratulations Ann and Julie! the dress is lovely. When do we get a peek at your designs here in KC. I would love to try on some of your pieces.

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