Introducing: The Julia Farr Collection

Essential, Elegant, Enlightened

To our faithful readers:

We are thrilled to present to you our inaugural designs for the Julia Farr Collection.

When Julia opened her boutique two years ago, she knew that she wanted to design her own line of clothing that embodied her vision of providing essential pieces for her clients, with pieces that support and complement one another, with personal expression and flexibility woven throughout.

Last summer, Ann joined her as a partner in the Julia Farr Collection. We have built the collection around Julia’s vision to provide essential, classic designs, made from elegant, luxurious fabrics for an overall enlightened look for the busy, modern woman.

Since our connection began at Georgetown, we have named our designs after significant places in Washington, DC.

We began with the foundation for every woman’s wardrobe, the essential pencil skirt, named after the foundation building at Georgetown, Healy.

Healy Skirt in 100% wool, $220

shown here with a Tibi blouse and a Kara Ross belt

We know that there are many different body types out there (we are two examples of that – with a six-inch difference in height between the two of us!), so we developed another pencil skirt, with a higher waist and a defined waistband, and named it after our second favorite building at Georgetown, Copley.

Copley Skirt in 100% silk, $220

Prospect Blouse in stretch silk charmeuse, $250

The Copley skirt is paired with the Prospect blouse, named after the street in Georgetown, that leads away from campus and toward downtown.

Julie gave you a sneak peek at our Sheridan dress last Friday.  It is named for Sheridan circle, the area near Embassy Row.  We feel the Sheridan embodies the continental feel of this part of DC, and would look fabulous in Paris, Prague or Peshawar!

Sheridan Dress, $320

We are in the midst of setting up an online marketplace, so our readers all over the world (hello Laura in Doha, Qatar!) can purchase our designs.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in any of the styles you see here, please give Julie a call and she’ll be happy to talk to you!

Our spring collection is a “soft” launch of the line.  We are planning an official launch, with a BIG party, in the fall.  But, we wanted to share our inaugural spring designs with our blog readers first!

Family is an important part of both of our lives, so we were both so pleased to showcase the Sheridan dress on Mother’s Day(albeit, 1,000 miles apart from each other), accompanied by our darling children (who DID help plant flowers!).

Happy Mother’s Day!

Ann and Julie



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10 responses to “Introducing: The Julia Farr Collection

  1. Amy Hart

    The pictures are great and really show off the silhouette (that’s a hard word without spellcheck), but they do not do that dress justice; the fabric is gorgeous in person! And Ann, weren’t you sporting that Prospect blouse Wednesday night…not far from KC’s very own Prospect Blvd? Pretty!

    • Ann

      Thanks for your nice comments Amy. I was so excited to wear our dress out on Mother’s Day. Great to see your beautiful family. P.S. You are a really good speller.

  2. P. Moore

    Well aren’t I the proud mother-in-law and grandmother! Pam

  3. Laura

    Beautiful Girls! Good luck with your new line.

  4. Jessica Kerrigan

    Love the Sheridan dress and the way it looks great on both of you. Congratulations on your new line!

  5. Elizabeth

    Beautiful stuff, ladies–congrats on the launch. Can’t wait to check it out at the store or online! Best, Elizabeth (PS, might you do a grunge piece called The Basement? Just spitballing here : ) )

    • Ann

      Elizabeth, the only problem we are having with our “Basement” dress is trying to find a material that doesn’t absorb pub scum.

  6. Mary Pat

    Congrats, ladies! Beautiful stuff. Love love love the dress!

  7. Fran Shivers

    Love it!-you should really do well with a line such as these-love the pics of Connor and Sophie with their beautiful Mom!!!

  8. Ann

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and support!

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